Son of Peg Leg January 2011 1


Son of Peg (February 11)

Son of Peg (February 11) (2)

Son of Peg

Son of Peg is the only one who seems to have found the secret passage through
to the back of the yard, as there are several fence hurdles to jump over.

More Peanuts!

April 15, 2011

Blacky the Squirrel

Blacky the Squirrel waiting for his treat in the morning

Crimson Mandevilla

June 16, 2010

This is a new addition to the back deck. I have planted it in a pot so it will climb up the humming bird feeder. I’m hoping it will attract even more hummers.


sun_parasol (1)


Garden Flower Update

July 3, 2009

Here are some recent shots of the flowers we decided to have in the garden this year.  We thought we’d stick to the ones that do well, after experimenting with various plants in previous years.

I don’t know the names of a few of them, so if anyone knows, please comment and give me the real name of the flower.


Bleeding Heart (and oldie, but goodie)

I just call this a Pink Bell flower. I can’t remember the real name, so if anyone knows for sure, let me know.

Our Irises did well this year.

Peonies, another oldie but goodie!

Here are my Hostas before they flowered …

and after. You can’t have these growing in any area where deer congregate, otherwise they become deer-salad.

We’ve kept most of the tiger lilies in their original locations from last year. They do very well and keep their colour and shape for quite some time.

Two different types of clematis. The red variant is doing much better this year than it did last season.

The buttercups grow as fast as weeds, but give the garden lots of bright colour.

Thanks to sandrasoul, I now know this perennial as white plumes of the astilbe.


Cosmos (attracts the butterflies)

purple_bud_1 purple_bud_2
If anyone know the name of this purple flower, please let me know.

Garden Maintenance

May 17, 2009


Although the weather has been a bit cool lately, all the rain we’ve
been having is doing wonders for our lawn and garden.







The ferns in the “Dragonfly” garden have spread rapidly this season.

Peg-Leg Resurfaces

April 2, 2009

Once again, just in time for the Spring, Peg-Leg
has been showing up in the yards of the neighbourhood.

It’s been many months since I’ve seen him; in fact, I don’t
think I saw him once, all Winter long.

Now he’s back. My neighbour has been putting a
bowl with a nut and apple mixture out for him for
the past couple of days.

You can see the two spots on his head when the antlers
will be sprouting. Usually by May they start to become