Bird’s Egg

May 13, 2007

I just found this Birds egg in the back garden amongst
the foliage. It must have fallen out of the tall fir tree.

I’m curious as to one type of bird this egg is from.
It couldn’t be from a Robin, they’re generally blue
as far as I know.


6 Responses to “Bird’s Egg”

  1. Sharon Spink Says:

    My daughter has just found a similar egg on our back lawn. Could have fallen out of our fir trees. We’d love to know what type of egg it is so she can take it to school and tell everyone.


  2. kittyburgers Says:

    I think it’s a mourning dove egg. These are the only birds whose eggs look like that in the area where I found it:

    • Travis Says:

      it is a mourning dove egg i think,those birds have been around my house all the time,and the egg i found is about to hatch very soon.

      • kittyburgers Says:

        Yes, it probably is a mourning dove egg. I only found the one egg.

  3. jade Says:

    i have no idea what egg that is but i found the exact same one on the ground no nest not evan a close enough tree, and it looks about the same size so if you find out what bird it is can you pls tell me. 🙂

  4. travis Says:

    i found one just like it but it might hatch soon so plz tell me what kind of bird it will be

    P.S i found the egg on the ground near the nest of a blackbird.

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