Morning Glories and Bird Rescue

August 6, 2007

When doing a bit of clipping and tidying up in the back
garden last week, I heard a flapping and loud squawking
overhead. I couldn’t detect anything when I looked up,
but as I was putting my gardening implements away, I noticed
a shadow on top of the umbrella.

It was a stray Cockatiel bird who had escaped the confines of
his previous cage and found he was to my back yard.

He now lives with us in a cage we’ve made space for in the
sunroom. He seems happy so far, so it looks as though this
just might be his new home.

Michael has decided on calling him Pretty Boy, although I somehow
suspect that this might not end up being his official name.

Pretty Boy on top of the Umbrella, just as I discovered him

Morning Glories on the back deck


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