Deer-Feeding Station Nr. 2

January 25, 2009

This is the second area where the deer often congregate,
at the very end of the street at the foot of the ravine.
I have set up a mini feeding station for them: a bail of hay
on which I can put the special deer food-mix and the
salt lick.






2 Responses to “Deer-Feeding Station Nr. 2”

  1. Corn and Molasses, yum!

    I bet that doesn’t last long.

  2. kittyburgers Says:

    Actually, I’m a bit disappointed. They seem to have taken some, but not to the extent I thought they would. I believe they are well fed in this neighbourhood, and expect apples from everyone (myself included). They holdout for the good stuff, the apples. I suppose when they get desperate enough, they’ll go my my “meagre” offerings of corm and molasses.

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